The French Guys is a big family... 

The French Guys project started with some french friends in Octobre 2020. The idea was simple, we wanted to make our favorite french products accessible to all of Seattle. To do that, we created an authentic french bakery that delivers to your door step. We're also thrilled to have recently added farmers markets to our project.

To make the best impact possible we are partnering with the most authentic french bakery in Seattle, La Parisienne French Bakery. All of our products are produced in their bakery. We are so happy to provide these high quality, delicious goodies to the Seattle area. We are focusing on breads, quiches, pastries, desserts and are continually developing our menu.

Some of our ingredients like the flour and fruit, come from Washington State while others like the butter and chocolate are imported from France. Its a mix of quality ingredients, exquisite french baking techniques and a desire to provide a taste of our home to Seattle, that creates The French Guys.

We love you.
The French Guys